Monday, January 9, 2012

Praising God!

First I will start with an update on our move back to Iowa. We left on Thur Dec. 22nd. We were suppose to put our stuff in storage, a building our (suppose to be landlord) had. Well we couldn't get a hold of him for about 2 days so we had no choice but to put some of our stuff in my mom's basement and the rest in a shed that Ivan's sister doesn't use. It wasn't ideal but it worked! So we finally got a hold of our "landlord" after the holidays to find out he was still in the nursing home recuperating from an accident and didn't want us to move into the trailer we had set up. In the meantime we were staying with my mom in her finished basement.
Then we thought we had an apartment to rent and that fell through. We finally found one and moved into it yesterday. It is a lot bigger and nicer than the first so it was definitely meant to be.
Ivan has been putting in many applications but as of now he hasn't gotten anything. Tomorrow is another day!
I however could work some for a friend of mine doing home health care for a wealthy couple but with one car and not knowing what Ivan's schedule will be, plus me starting school in a week, that is not very easy to do! I of course will have to if Ivan doesn't get a job soon though.
My college has been giving me the run around. I applied for financial aide months ago and I was told I was on suspension, then I was told by two ladies I was NOT and it was a mistake, come to find out I was, so I had to deal with that today when school starts next week! When I got to the college I was told to go many different places, and do things that were wrong. Long story short it took me over 3 hrs to get done what should have maybe take 1 hr.... all of which I needed to be home unpacking boxes!
Needless to say our 1st few weeks here have not been easy and nothing has went according to "OUR" plan!! To be honest this isn't even the half of it, I chose to leave out any drama!
Although I know that God is in control of all things, today I let all of this get the best of me. I was in bad mood and I just wanted to give up. I don't usually have a problem with keeping optimistic but financially and emotionally I feel depleted!
On our way home tonight from Wal-mart (which ALWAYS adds to a great day...NOT) we were listening to KLOVE and the song Beautiful Things came on. I turned it on and just zoned out and put all my focus on God alone. He spoke to me " Can you still Praise me?" , "Through all of this going on, can you see ME?" and the truth was for awhile I couldn't, I had let myself have a pity party... But my life is good, I am blessed. God makes beautiful things, I have my husband, kids, a roof over my head, clothes, and food... I have no idea how we will pay our bills, or what tomorrow looks like but What more do I honestly need? NOTHING.... Praise God!

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