Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh how He always provides!

I thought I would share just another way God has once again provided for us, as He has SO many times since coming to Christ almost 5 years ago now.
I was balancing my check book this morning at work, like I do about every other day... but today everything had cleared the bank and I was a little less than $200 difference than the bank online. So I went back a couple weeks and sure enough I made a huge subtraction error (which NEVER happens to me) I am rarely ever off in my check book and the error was just weird to say the least. I spotted it right away which tells me I think i would have when I made it but besides the point... We have more money than we thought and it couldn't have came at a better time since we have Alex's party this weekend, our Vow Renewal next weekend, and a few days later heading to Iowa to visit family and friends. We are also down to one vehicle and have been trying to get a 2nd one.
The craziest part is I was checking into renting a vehicle and the checking acct error is almost to a T the same amount as it would take for me to rent one! Coincidence I think NOT! Oh how He always comes through for US... why do we ever doubt HIM?!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Answered Prayers

Since Ivan quit his job in Sept to stay at home, we have been praying (along with many others) that God would give him a job that he would enjoy, make good money at, and mostly would be a career that he could advance in and want to stay at.
In the past few months Ivan has been preparing to put his application in at the Pipefitter Union for an apprenticeship. He had to take a test which he passed with a Silver (one pt from a gold). So proud of him!! God put a few people in his path that would give him a good reference, even one who has been in the Union for 60 yrs. He has an interview for this position on July 8th. (apprenticeship to start in Sept).... so in the meantime....

On Tuesday (May 31st) I was prayer walking at Church and while a friend was praying for Ivan and I about job situations God spoke to me. I didn't know what it meant at the time but I would soon enough.
After I got home Ivan left to make a trip to the dump and on the way back the van's transmission went completely out. He got the van home thanks to a friend. But while we were a little down and not sure what to do about only having one vehicle, God showed up in a big way.
Ivan received a phone call from Sign Co, a company he had kept in touch with since we moved here 2 yrs ago. They offered him a job, working 4 10 hr days and making decent money.

God has provided us with 2 great opportunities for him and in time we will know which one will be the long term. He has let everything fall into place and answered our prayers.... Still praying for another vehicle but we will make due as long as we have to, for everything is in HIS time!