Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just a quick post... Packing and Moving

Well since I haven't had time to blog much I thought I would real quick. I have been busy packing up our home so that we can move in with my sister for one month and then to Iowa for 6 months so that I can finish my nursing degree!
I can't lie it is pretty hard. I have moved many times but in my eyes it was easier because I associated it as bettering ourselves, as in a bigger place or a nicer home etc. Well we love our home and we love our neighborhood so that isn't the case this time. This time we are moving to be obedient to God and that is a lot harder than it seems sometimes. We are so glad we are and wouldn't want it. My heart knows this but my flesh says look what you are giving up, its all materialistic though, nothing that will really better me.
So in the long run it will be good. We will be downsizing and living a little more frugal. We will have to be more creative with our time than just watching TV. It will be great and is actually exactly what I asked for from God in prayer, I just had NO idea what it would look like when He answered.
I also have learned from all this packing that MORE is NOT better!! lol We have WAY more than we need and are not in any way hurting for things!! One good thing about moving is getting rid of stuff!
Well I hope this makes sense because I wrote it very fast and have no time to proof read!