Monday, February 9, 2009

The Love Dare

Well it has been forever and a day since i wrote a new blog so thought i would update a bit! My husband and I started the Love Dare on our own. We are doing it together and are on day 11. I think we both enjoy it and even though our marriage is pretty dang good right now.. every thing we learn makes it better... everyday I love him more and more!
Hadley is 6 months old now... We got her pictures taken on Sunday so as soon as I get them back they will be posted on Facebook! She is such a lovey girl, and so silly! She brings smiles to my face all day long.
Cheyenne who is in 1st grade is reading at a 3rd grade level already. I am so proud of her... she is just so smart and LOVES school!
I am praying on an everyday basis for guidance on moving to Tennessee! Hope and pray for us also PLEASE!
Well not much else is going on in my life!