Monday, January 23, 2012

That's why there's Grace!

I have a lot of time to think since I have about an hour drive to and from school now. On the way to school my main thoughts however are, please don't let me be late!! So on the way home I am more relaxed and absolutely love listening to music (or more so blaring it)... since the QC only has about 2-3 good stations (one being KLOVE) I switch between those and my ipod (Thank God for ipods)! I love this because I either cry out in worship or think about my love (hubby and kids that is)... for many who know us, know that Ivan is constantly breaking out in song either to me or just in general! He cracks me up and I tell him how silly he is but truth is I love it and I love him, and because he does this many songs make me think of him.

Well anyways~ often God will speak to me through music and tonight it was That's Why There's Grace by Kendall Payne. He told me I really needed to share these lyrics with those who don't know Him, who are broken and hurt, who can't forgive others or themselves, and who don't know what HE, and only He can do for us! And most importantly what He has already done for me. Without knowing His grace I could never be where I am today, or be the person I am today.
This song explains it all, and so simply really.... (I couldn't get the lyrics to copy but here is the main chorus) and I posted the link to the video.

You can't find the reasons to believe anymore
But don't hide your thoughts from me

Cuz that's why I died, that's why I lived
I know EVERY part of YOU that you won't forgive
That's why I tried to reach you today
I know its hard to have faith through the pain
That's why there's grace
That's why there's grace

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